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GSO Test

Jeans for Genes

It's all happening on the 20th September!

Each year we raise money for research into genetic diseases by wearing denim and donating £1 per child.  In the past we have raised over £400 for this worthy cause on this day.

This year the date for the event clashes with World Car Free Day, but we are pressing ahead so that children can now wear their trainers (for Car Free Day) and their jeans (for J4G)! 

Because the school would like to raise funds for new road safety equipment to make sure that all children have a safe journey to school, we are now asking that children bring a £2 donation on the 20th - £1 for the charity and £1 for the Car Free Day.  

We appreciate that these events usually have a little more space between them and would like to thank you for your support and understanding.