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GSO Test


Children make excellent progress in our high-achieving and caring school. Our children enjoy learning and this is obvious to the observer as they walk around our wonderful, immersive  environment.  Behaviour is excellent and the values of the Unicef Rights Respecting Schools Agenda are embedded in the ethos and the practice of our school.


Children live our school values:


                                       Be Kind                                   Be Respectful

 Be Resilient                  Be Proud                       Be Curious


 and they take these with them into the wider world.


The impact of our school curriculum can be recognised and measured by:

-  happy, confident children with a strong sense of belonging and a love of learning

-  teaching which supports our children in developing their long term memories and deepens their breadth of knowledge

-  exciting Learning Journeys which capture our children’s imaginations, give them exciting experiences, develop their skills and build upon their knowledge

-  a language-rich learning environment across the school

-  what our children say about their learning and enjoyment at school (learner voice, school council and pupil questionnaires)


-  Parental engagement and wider school community feedback through questionnaires, speaking to staff, governors and our parents

 -  our most recent available end of Key Stage data, ongoing data analysis, Pupil Progress Meetings, feedback from external advisers and partnerships, governor visit feedback

-  Teaching and learning quality assurance through classroom observations, book looks, learning walks, drop-ins etc.


At Parkhill Infants’ School we know that the impact of what we do cannot always be measured in data sets and numbers. This has become even more apparent since the Coronavirus pandemic.

We look at each unique child in a holistic manner and prepare them for the future. We are proud that our children leave our school having enjoyed and embraced many memorable learning experiences along the way.