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GSO Test

Learning Environment   



As part of our meaningful, memorable and magical curriculum vision, our classrooms are designed to help children to thrive, fully immersing them in that term’s Learning Journey. 

The magic begins on the first day of term, when our “Stunning Start” reveals a classroom transformed,     


whether into a medieval castle, the Brazilian rainforest, the Antarctic, a London Jubilee celebration or even Outer Space, the children enter an immersive environment that is exciting and stimulating, capturing their interest immediately. 






Hallways and Open Spaces

Public areas of the school, such as the hall entrance and the corridors, are also transformed to represent the Learning Journey theme. 









Stunning Starters

From the moment the children step into the playground on their first day of term they find something to fire their imagination and engage their enthusiasm, such as finding a mysterious stone with a sword lodged in it, a campfire burning in the field, or even a double decker London bus!




A Text-Rich Curriculum

Every classroom contains a wealth of books, both fiction and non-fiction, related to the termly Learning Journey, freely available for the children to refer to.  Our hallway displays contain reference and story books that complement the theme and invite the children to sit down and read.  




Adventures in the Classroom

The children are introduced to learning via exciting, immersive storylines that encourage them to find out about their topic.  A dragon egg appears in a classroom, to hatch out and be raised by the class.  A mysterious house is discovered in the school grounds, with a letter from its tiny inhabitant.  The children are challenged to find out information for a famous visitor.  A knight arrives to retrieve his missing sword.  The Christmas party is transformed into a medieval feast, with entertainment from a jester!  All these and more motivate our children to research and explore at greater depth, and help make their learning far more memorable.