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Summer Reading Challenge!

Redbridge Libraries have announced their reading challenge for Summer 2021, beginning on 10 July.

The Summer Reading Challenge takes place each summer, it is both a celebration of reading and loving books, as well as a way to combat the reading/literacy dip that is often seen in children across the holidays. It’s aimed at 4-11-year olds, and they get to choose which books they read as part of the challenge. Alongside reading, our libraries will also be hosting activities in person and online. Participants have a chance to win goodies and a medal of completion.


This year’s theme is Wild World Heroes. The Wild World Heroes are a group of youngsters who come together to clean up and protect their neighbourhood. Through these characters, the challenge will explore how young people can become environmental activists. For this theme, The Reading Agency has teamed up with WWF and they will be delivering a special nature-themed challenge. 

You can read more about this on The Summer Reading Challenge’s website. You can also find out more and stay up-to-date with news relevant to the borough on our page dedicated to The Summer Reading Challenge.

 Activities will be taking place both in-person and online. Redbridge LIbraries want to reiterate that they take the well-being of service users seriously, and are strictly following Government guidelines to ensure safety. They regularly update their website accordingly.